The ‘Seniors’ Missional Community, now known as ‘Open Hearts,’ which was formed in September 2016, is a group who enjoy relating to older people in the community.

Planted in the house of the Lord they will flourish in the courts of our God. They will still bear fruit in old age they will stay fresh and green proclaiming….‘The Lord is my rock’.

Psalm 92:13-15

Our Aims:

  • We are motivated to make meaningful connections across the wide age range this group represents by responding to needs, giving people opportunities to share their experience and gifts, and bringing the love of Jesus into their lives through relationship.
  • We aim to make good connections with the activities and groups that already exist for older people in the community and offer support and encouragement.
  • While focusing initially on mission to and with older people, we are learning that this is a very diverse group and that integration into the wider community should be included in our aims.


Over the past 6 months we have hosted a number of ‘Moments’ at The Open Door Café in Hampton Magna, which have included:

  • Songs and Scones afternoon led by our resident musician and singer Val.
  • Precious Christmas Moments, when people shared memories of past Christmases.
  • Poetic Moments, where favourite poems were read.
  • Culinary Moments where triumphs and disasters in the kitchen were recalled.

Our next ‘Moments’ afternoon will take place at The Open Door Cafe (map below) on:

Wednesday May 31st

All our events involve tea and cake and have been well attended and received.

We have been greatly encouraged by the opportunities these ‘Moments’ have created for relationship building. However this is not just an event based movement! The team aim to get to know each other better through meeting regularly to plan, pray, worship and have meals together so that in growing as disciples we can reach out more effectively in the love and power of Jesus. And to enjoy the whole process! There has been a lot of laughter in the journey so far. Mission should be fun!

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If you share this motivation, come and join us!

We are: Bill Booth, Caroline and Michael Edwards, Jane Field, Louisa Graham, Ruth Grinbergs, Val Roy, Val Whitlock and Mary Lodge.