Band of Brothers

The Men’s Group, called Band of Brothers, is part of a broader set of activities and events at St Mike’s which exist to encourage and help men explore the relevance and challenges of faith in modern life.

Informal Meets

We run regular informal meet-ups for those in the group and just create time to catch up, maybe over a pint.

Discipleship Group

We also run a regular (roughly fortnightly) CROWN discipleship group that focuses helps us all figure out where God is calling us to grow, and taking practical steps towards that.


Over the year we will run regular events of different types that are designed to be easy to bring a friend along to. These include:

  • bi-monthly breakfasts
  • mountain walks
  • barbecue events in the church field
  • games nights
  • anything else we think will be fun!

In supporting the wider church we often run the barbecue at events, provide some muscle when needed and organise a family camp once a year on the church field.

Our Aims

1. we seek help men connect well with one another as genuine friends.
2. we lead a discipleship programme called CROWN to help men grow stronger in their faith.
3. we try to share the good news with men not currently connected with church.
4. we contribute into the life of the wider church.

Find Out More

We’d love to hear from you. The group is currently led by Royston Young, as well as Ed Tooker, Daniel Luncan and Anthony Morgan.