Discipling Groups

We see the Discipling Group ministry as an important part of the jigsaw.

Our commitment to making disciples is expressed in the patterns of how the church meets during the week. Smaller Groups from St Michael’s meet through the week in a variety of formats but with a common purpose – to help each other grow as followers of Jesus.

Most groups emerge from under the framework of our Missional Communities, helping people to develop good life rhythms, on solid biblical principles and teaching. We leave it to each group to determine the patterns that best suit the needs of their community – but it is usually a mixed economy of meeting in Small Groups, triplets and 1:1.

Balancing flexibility with simplicity like this means we don’t create too many layers of meetings and make everyone over-busy, we want to help focus on what God has called us to. To find out more, why not connect with one of our Missional Community Leaders via their group page or contact the church team.

For those new to St Michael’s, we host ad hoc welcome groups – helping newcomers to build relationships with others, connect with our vision and find their own place in the family and the life of the church.

We also run specific groups for developing our leaders. These “Huddles” have a specific focus on discipling and mentoring to help us grow as leaders, using a variety of external resources, as well as our own CROWN rhythm of life.

Hampton Magna Home Group

Meets every Wednesday during term time at 7.45pm, at 5 Curlieu Close, Hampton Magna. Please contact Alex and Ben for more information: 01926 411100. New members always welcome.

Noisy Group

Women’s homegroup, children welcome. Meets every Monday during term time at 9.30am at 5 Curlieu Close, Hampton Magna. Please contact Alex for more information: 01926 411000.


  • 7.45pm Post Alpha group (Getting Beta)
  • 7.45pm Hampton-on-the-Hill Home group, Ruth Grinberg’s home: Cross End Cottage, Hampton-on-the-Hill.