When we open the New Testament and read the account of the early church we are immediately encouraged by the vibrant life the early Christians shared. Their unity, their faith, their boldness stand out - and even facing persecution they were unafraid to testify to Jesus as Lord.

When the bible speaks of their meetings, the word used is oikos, it means household, or extended family. The churches of the Biblical letters were not big churches, mid-size groups who lived life intimately together as community that multiplied as they grew. One simple summary of this ethos has been to describe the early church as Family on Mission.

We are seeking to express our mission in similar mid-size gatherings – safe spaces, big enough for people to join in without being exposed – but small enough to know everyone. These communities share life together in simple rhythms as they work on a common purpose or mission to reach a particular community often.

This usually means lots of fun – lots of food – excitement as others from outside church join in. It’s also the building block to urge each other to keep growing in faith as disciples whether in 2’s or 3’s or Small Groups as we build good rhythms in our lives.

In that respect, you could say that when we gather to meet as a whole church on a Sunday morning, we come together as a big family of extended families, seeking to bless, encourage and empower the different expressions of mission we each play a part in.

Join a Missional Community or Small Group

Leaders and members of groups are always glad to welcome new members. If you want to know more or to be part of a group please contact:

Church Office on 01926 407020
or email churchcentre@stmichaels-budbrooke.org.uk

Details of individual groups and contact names and numbers can be found on the noticeboard in the Church Centre.